DVB completes current generation of specifications for UHDTV services

Time:2018-1-23 13:05:30

At the 87th meeting of the DVB Steering Board (SB) important revisions and updates for three DVB specifications were approved. This development marks the completion of the current generation of specifications for Ultra High Definition Television ¨C DVB UHD-1.

DVB UHD-1 covers elements for the improvement of video and audio quality for broadcast TV services. In addition to UHD (4K) resolution and a wider colour space, these elements include High Dynamic Range (HDR) for increased contrast ratios, High Frame Rate (HFR) for sharper images of moving objects, and Next Generation Audio (NGA) for the support of object- or scene-based audio schemes. The revisions and updates pertain to DVB-DASH, audiovisual coding and bitmap subtitles.