8GB X-band digital microwave transmitter is a type of outdoor transmission facility working on X band (7.8-8.5GH or users specified).Its main features include modular design, superlinear and alll-soli..
UHF four dipole reflective plate antenna
Digital TV Receiving Yagi Antenna UHF Antenna (470-810MHz)
0.8M-31dBi MMDS Parabolic Antenna
13dBi MMDS Horizontal polarization omni-directional slot antenna
8dBi DTV Omni-directional Antenna (550-650MHz)
1kw TV transmitter plays image /audio simultaneously with high-quality dual exciter backup. It adopts the design technology for digital/analog compatible, full ..
Ku band transmitter is a wireless digital TV signal transmission product newly developed. The main features of it include outdoor rain-proof structure, modu..
1.4G series digital microwave transmitter is a type of outdoor and rain-proof transmission facility working on L band (1.0-1.7GHz). It is applicable to po..
JXUT-X series transmitter adopts directly amplifying working model. Receivingmodulated intermediate carrier, then amplifying it with high gain and high linearity,connecting to 50/N model connector jac..
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