1986, (joint venture) was established in Chengdu jiexun Electronics Co., Ltd., specialized in the development of cable television products,  production and sales. In 1986, the company has introduced adjacent channel front-end equipment, various grades of amplifiers, light emitting equipment received, branch distribution equipment, etc., and realize the large-scale production, and has independent launched the three anti-(anti-theft then, anti-illegal and the machine, anti-users to receive illegal signals spots) management system Czech-ho card addressable charge management system,  double radio data sending and receiving equipment  zech-ho brand CATV addressable charge management system, Cable is able to find site user terminal controller, a semi-digital single-plus single solution system, TV image processing method of descrambling devices Deinterference; cable television system to send 1310nm laser amplitude modulation, receiver, etc., which may address scrambling control technology, television image processing method of descrambling devices Deinterference invention to obtain patents and other projects. Jie Hao brand CATV addressable charge management system; by National Torch Plan Project. The establishment of more than 20 years ago, in the digital domain have launched DVB encoder, multiplexer, QAM modulator, QPSK modulator used in DVB and IP conditional access products, formed a distinctive and practical digital pay TV and data broadcasting full solution.



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