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English-Chinese cable TV network commonly used Abbreviations


Due to the majority of cable TV network terminology are translated from abroad , China has been the menber of the World Trade Organization (WTO) members now, domestic and international technical exchange (including technical data translation) would definitely continue to strengthen, the personnel of cable TV network and technical are not only need to master chinese terminology, but also need to know foreign languages (mainly English) terminology. Beacause of lack of english- chinese cable TV information now, the author through the collection, compare, translation, form the below comprehensive, "English-Chinese cable television network jargon"

(alphabetical order of Terminology in English ) for satisfaction you。



AAL(ATM Adaptation Layer):异步转移模式适配层

AC(Alternating Current):交流

Access Network:接入网

ACI(Adjacent Channel Interference):邻频干扰

Additional Channel:增补频道

Adjacent Channel Transmission:邻频道传输

ADSL(Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line):不对称数字用户线路

AGC(Aotomatic Gain Control):自动增益控制

AIC(Auxilliary Information Channel):辅助信息信道

ALC(Aotomatic Level Control):自动电平控制

AM(Amplitude Modulation):幅度调制(调幅)

AML(Amplitude Modulated Microwave Link):调幅微波链路


Application Layer:应用层

ARP(Address Resolution Protocol):地址识别协议

ASC(Aotomatic Slope Control):自动斜率控制

ATM(Asynchronous Transfer Mode):异步传输模式(协议)

BAL(Bit ALlocation):比特分配


BB(Basis Band):基带

BBER(Background Block Error Rate):背景块误码率

BC(Broadcast Channel):广播信道

BCN(Broadcast Communication Network):广播通信网

BDC(Block Down Converter):下变频器

BER(Bit Error Rate):误码率

B-ISDN(Broadband-Integrated Services Digital Network):宽带综合业务数字网络

Bit Stream:比特流(码流)

BPF(Band Pass Filter):带通滤波器

BPS(Bits Per Second):比特/秒,也写作b/s

BRI(Basic Rate Interface):基本速率接口

Broard Band Communication:宽带通信

BRR:(Bit Rate Reduction):比特率压缩

C/CSO(Carrier to Composite Second Order beat ratio):载波复合二次差拍比

C/CTB(Carrier to Composite Triple Beat ratio):载波复合三次差拍比

C/I(Carrier to Inter-modulation ratio):载波


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