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  Chengdu Hongtushixun Digital Technologe Co., LTD. is a 30 years manufacturer, specialized in digital TV and IPTV system,and it was established in eighties in Chengdu,China.The company is a high-tech enterprise which concentrates on the research, manufacturing, sale and service of CATV products. Chengdu Hongtushixun is building up both domestic and overseas markets while making a good contribution to the CATV industry. 

Hongtushixun's products including: optical transmitter,optical receiver and different types of amplifier etc network equipment,CATV addressable billing system series products, analog TV scramble system products. QAM modulator, QPSK modulator, MPEG-2 multiplexer and encoder, TS digital splitter and adaptor, which provide a perfect solution for digital TV.

As a leader of CATV industry in China, Chengdu Hongtushixun focuses on the digital TV products and provides a wide range of new technologies as well as competitive products suitable for both domestic and overseas markets. Our team will provide the best products and service to customers home and abroad.


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